For as long as she can remember, our founder has always been OBSESSED with weddings. But there's two things she noticed about the industry she grew very fond of -- one, it's hard as hell finding size inclusive accessories that look good on everyone and two there aren't many women of color operating in the multi-billion dollar space.

Wanting to change the narrative and provide a space for brides and grooms to find the small details to help make their big day picturesque, Bridal Bayou Boutique was born. Brides and bridesmaids across the globe are having a hard time finding comfortable pre-wedding attire that matches and fits everyone's style. We're here to provide inclusivity and not leave anyone feeling left out or ashamed.

Bridal Bayou (By-YOU) allows the bride or groom the opportunity to create her/his own unique experience with their wedding day accessories. Whether she's choosing one of our fifty-five colored lush satin robes for her girls to wear while getting dressed or he's stepping up his crews wedding day swag with some fly socks, we're proud to be a special part of any wedding day.